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  1. Just for posterity and in case you haven't been updated, Obsidian said that they were working on pacifist options, but aren't totally sure if a complete pacifist play-through is possible at this point. Here's hoping!
  2. It isn't a form of narcissism, it's self-affirmation. It allows the player to root themselves in the world in a grounded sense and to perceive themselves as being a part of it, as opposed to just looking at it through one perspective. As someone who didn't grow up playing first person games, and rarely plays them today, it's comforting to be able to zoom out and see the character. I probably do it every 10-15 seconds while walking around in these kinds of games.
  3. While it's a disappointing situation, this is to be expected from modern games. I dislike the practice of including a way-point in role-playing games in particular (leniency towards the practice in sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto, because it would be a nightmare), but the best that we could hope for in this situation is for a quest giver to articulate approximate directions and for the journal to replicate them. Unless, of course, Obsidian have gone well and above the expected standard and already accommodated everyone's preferences, but this is highly unlikely. Fond visions of Morro
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