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  1. I've played First-Person games before and this "feeling of immersion" that people keep referring to never seems to manifest itself with me. All I ever get is lightheaded from the movement and the lack of proper peripheral vision. Along with this is the often bad sound design that made it difficult to determine from which direction something is coming/moving. Come on Obsidian. Add a third person perspective. You can do this! You should do this!
  2. I hear you and I agree wholeheartedly! Everyone should be able to enjoy a developers work. We hope that's why they do what they do!
  3. I hope Obsidian doesn't go the Cyberpunk 2077 route. Seriously... with Microsoft's support behind them in this day and age, there's no reason to "not" appeal to all customers. All I ask of any developer is to give all of us the desire to play their game and to "PLEASE" optimize their games for each respective platforms. In my opinion, "platform porting" is a bane to the gaming industry. Console games for the console. PC games for the PC! *PLEASE!*
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