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  1. I've done it myself at 12 with Mithlean and Mithras, it was a good challenge but not that bad. The deflection is mostly the problem so a good way to get that down or buff your accuracy are required. And a good solution vs terrified otherwise your looking at a permanent -20 acc on all your characters.
  2. I should have listened to myself and not upscaled WM1, I'm still doing fine but the DLC I already didn't like just got a lot less fun with the fights being just giant drags not hard but just micro intensive and without feeling of accomplishment after finishing them. I doubt I'm gonna force myself to go much farther then this. I'm feeling a little burned out on the game, I might conitnue my solo run or just go start PoE II without a decent PoE run to continue on. I will of course keep following the rest.
  3. Mira - Chanter Turning in the bounties at the warden Kiran suggest to Mira to take a look at the paths between the keep. Since they are there anyway and don't have any pressing matters Mira decides it's a solid plan and they decent the paths. Having little trouble clearing the Xaurips on the first few levels Mira decides to keep pushing on until they run into an Ogre, asking for some help. Since they might as well see what the ogre can give them for the task, they can always kill him afterwards, Mira decides to agree. The party pushes further into the caves clearing ogres as they go until
  4. Currently Mira is quite a lot further I'm typing out another update but I think I'll play a little mroe before I finish it, I usually do the first three bounties around level 7.
  5. Mira - Cipher Mira was tired of these menial tasks for these inconsequential people. She was glad to receive a missive from that Chancellor to meet in a tavern in the city. Arriving there however Mira immediately sensed something amiss, people were looking around more then normal and trying to gauge their minds she only felt nervousness and danger. As she and her group turned to leave however it was too late, behind her entered that arrogant woman the bodyguard to that lord that dared challenge her for Caed Nua. She needn't speak as her group had already fanned out to intercept the crazy w
  6. I've taken to this approach in Mira's run as well, Slicken is an amazing spell and will ussually give enough time to get up some basic protections and/or summons and even some time to get into position. Also a good note for readric is, if you sneak in and talk to both the roaming priest and paladin (saying things like your new here or your having some fun with one of the acolytes). If you return later without robes they are still friendly, it is dependant on the two conversations though.
  7. I've actually started a little bit of a side project in a TCS run, I already tried this before with a retaliation monk build based on the Anvil and Monklasher builds here on the forums. I've however thought of a couple more tweaks and am rushing the Soulbound belt since that will give me flame shield on crits which makes the early game a lot easier and quicker while your Fire Godlike retaliation still does very little damage. The downside is it depends on tanking and especially early game this is very dangerous as a unlucky crit can end your run, I'm currently on the 4th run with 1 ending
  8. Yeah I'm not 100% convinced yet I might just scale it up anyway if I feel like it. I want to finish up act 2 before I head over to WM1 but that's nearly done (I'm quite behind on the reports here). When I've finished up the last of act 2 I should be around level 8 or 9.
  9. Mira - Chanter Mira isn't sure about this so called land of opportunity, so far all it's been is menial jobs for these villagers. Saving people from bears, or their own friends as it turns out, settling farming disputes and clearing out xaurips for charlatans to get a potion that won't even help. The only small bit of excitement were those bandits who robbed the smith's supply wagon, they put up a decent fight although our new friends Aloth and Eder proved they are worthy additions to our group if not completely voluntary. It was interesting manipulating this mind of this wizard, there see
  10. I've been messing around with various builds, restarted sometimes losing a party to a mistake. I posted I would start a Roleplaying run to setup for PoE and I got to about the end of act 2 when I got really bored with the party. Not so much the combat or the main character but just running four good parties through the game got me kind of tired of it. I did some solo run attempts to take my mind off it but I came back to the fact that I really liked RPing the "evil" out of themselves melee party I had which came to a quick end due to some mushrooms in the catacombs. So I decided to start a new
  11. Very interesting numbers Alesia_BH although I do feel that these numbers leave an important (maybe more important for me as a melee cipher) factor behind. And that is attack and recovery speed. After taking a 2h Firebrand Cipher to around level 8 or 9 I found that even though she did a TON of damage, I would often find myself needing to quickly crowd control something or respond to something and because the recovery time of my swing was so long it would take me too long to get that ability off. This time i'm playing a dual wield Cipher and I'm having a much easier time controlling the battle.
  12. If I'm not mistaken in v3.05 they do change loot tables implementing some kind of 'shifts' to it. And truth be told, I'm quite happy with that. I have never used those tables and even avoided to study the information about them. In Baldur's Gate I always use a Item Randomiser mod and I love it. Having a metagame knowledge of where you can get a specific loot item seems to me if not totally cheesy but non-sporting and immersion breaking for sure. I prefer my characters to use what items they randomely get through the normal gameplay flow rather then plan their builds around some specific set of
  13. Strange been trying some solo builds cause I got a little bored, it seems the random loot list is now really random getting different results on day 20 each time. Did they update the game again? Am I just missing something important?
  14. I have to say I haven't tried it, I used stormcaller which was amazing and basically brought her damage fast past Aloth who was almost 25k damage above her (70k vs 45k) and just two hours after she caught up.
  15. Yeah, I found I already knew the aoe of most of the spells pretty well. Especially if you build your casters with a lot of int which basically expands the Extra AoE that hits only enemies and not your party as I understand it. It's a little harder to for example set up a perfect kill zones with the aoe going up the the toes of your tanks. But honestly I mostly noticed the issue when I accidentally shift click a good weapon and it goes into my stash and I'm sighing like oh... yeah now I won't be able to use it until I rest with a big risk I forget even when I do cause it's a little later. And i
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