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  1. (Note: I haven't tried any of these yet as I just finished my first play through.) Eothas: This is cool, I assume it forces you to make meaningful decisions and prioritize who you align yourself with given you can't be running around Deadfire for months doing everyone's errands while Eothas is waiting for you. Really fits with the canon and would add a sense of urgency I presume. Galawain: Don't know what it means but it sounds cool and I'll be damned to Hel if I don't enable this. Berath: Sounds like an awesome challenge but I think 6 seconds is a tad short. Magran: Magran's a whore. Abydon: This is cool. *IMMERSIVENESS INTENSIFIES* Skaen: This is also cool, more immersiveness, would be nice though if some of the combat only abilities could be retooled to also be used out of combat as light sources. Or Hel, even just throw in a few light spells for the Wiz/Pal/Pri Rymgand: Immersive. Oh idea, haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if you can make your crew eat rotten food when you're in a pinch, but I could think of some interesting random events if that happened. Big morale loss, crews all pukin' over the deck of The Defiance. Mutiny? Maybe, angry sailors definitely. Maybe you're cooks a high enough rank to cover up the taste of rotting meat with spices, or the surgeon comes up with some anti nausea remedy. Pfft idk, what I do know is the next one to get puke all over the side of my beautiful ship'll find em'self so far up Ondra's arse the last thing he'll see is the back of an angler fish's teeth. Hylea: Yesssssss, I don't know how much interaction there is but yesssssss! This is great, I love characters, I love story. slots companion five love having I also It would be nice if she had interactive dialogue like normal companions. From what I've heard in combat she runs around randomly, I would suggest giving the player limited control with the solution of putting some sort of tether on her so she can't move more than a certain distance from the watcher lest become frightened and run back to the watcher (or randomly throw grenades into the fray; or maybe uh idk... get mad at the Watcher for not protecting her?) hell maybe even some hardcoded skill for her so she can protect herself, something along the lines of how npcs in XCom during escourt mission can duck for cover for a small armor bonus, maybe even give her a small satchel of grenades she can throw a few times during combat. Vela could be the Watcher's adorable little Principi grenadier. Also maybe do like a random loot thing, Vela on occasion will pick up random trinkets, junk, potions, food, and give it to the watcher. "Here watcher I found you something!" "Hey watcher I got you a present!" Most adorable. Well, for anyone who got this far thanks for reading, that's my two cents. May Eothas' shiny green arse light your way. P.S. That beautiful moment on the ship between Vela and Serafen was really cool, I love all the random inter companion interactions and definitely think Vela should have a few of those too, not sure if she does or not already, just saying 'cause I really appreciate how real they make the characters feel, so thanks for all your hard work. P.P.S. Why can't a marry Eder?
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