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  1. And there's the sleep immunity. But since I've noted that some of your posts read "8am and still going", I don't think you need to address this particular affliction in your battle plans.
  2. @Jaheiras_Witness: I offer my condolences for Jazz Wit in retrospect - it's been an impressive run. @Alesia: Yay, you've made it (*Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries playing in the background*)! Congratulations on your success, with extra recognition paid to your style (both gamewise and in write-ups). And now, the toasts and the speech! @semiticgod: We're all excited to see how it played out in the end. See ya all, B.
  3. Dear friends, I'm afraid I won't be posting in this thread for a while as I've been seduced once again by the lure of BG (which means I'll focus my activity to the sister no-reload thread back at Beamdog forums). Note that I'm enjoying your PoE runs here a lot, despite the fact that my limited game knowledge does not allow me to fully grasp some of your achievements. Anyway, the vaule of your efforts to the community and to potential future participants, lile myself, is undisputable . I'll keep lurking in the shadows. B.
  4. Dear friends, Apologies for the inactivity, but there was just too much RL action going on lately. Unfortunately, I'm here to give a rather anti-climatic update, as Amaruq had fallen before I was able to catch up with her progress. The cause of her downfall at the hands of the party of shadows/spirits handing out the welcome drinks at Caed Nua was twofold: 1. lack of protection against stun and confusion (or mitigation thereof) and 2. insufficient accuracy that would allow our party of four to eliminate the foes before taking substantial damage. Well, this has been expected. It's just that I'm sorry for such a brief (boring) exhibit. With slight adjustments (e.g. by applying accuracy rest bonus vs. spirits), I was able to clear the area on a second go and proceed further without much resistance. I'll continue the run on a reloading basis in hopes of beating the game for the first time (although I have to say that my BG affection is certainly itching as well). @Alesia: Ashoka is dead (I'm sorry for the loss), long live Alikae (congratulations, yay)! @semiticgod/Enuhal/Jaheiras Witness: Great progress everyone! B.
  5. Amaruq, aumaua cipher: Part 1 Game version: 3.07 (no White March expansions) / Game settings: Psychic warfare. Mind intruder. That's our Amaruq (somewhat twisted reincarnation of one of my all time favorite BG characters - a half-elven fighter/druid), a former slave hailing from Rauatai. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_AN6bsLGl8 I'm not exactly sure how to develop her build at this point and I assume there will be a lot of adjustments and adaptations to be done in the course of her run. Nevertheless, the initial idea is to pursue a fast attacking melee combatant (with low damage output) maintaining sufficient focus for crowd control and offensive spells. Amaruq starts with Whisper of Treason and Mind Wave (for raw damage). I've allocated the stats on a best effort basis, although I'm mostly hoping to learn throughout the game what optimization is to be done here: MIG (15), CON (10), DEX (16), PER (13), INT (15), RES (10) Onto the actual coverage! The initial area and dungeon were both rather uneventful. We looted the camp's surroundings for collectible items and ingredients, optimized Amaruq's equipment and purchased a Potion of Minor Regeneration from Heodan. Calisca's Knock Down and Whisper of Treason took care of the wolves and the two parties of Glanfathan Hunters. I've learned the hard way that Athletics 1 is insufficient to save Heodan from getting maimed, but prone and charm allowed us to defeat the leader's party without further difficulties. Heodan is saved during the cutscene by throwing rocks. Once inside the temple, we decide not to rest and press on. The fights are not much to report on, but I'll note that we collected the Minor Cloak of Protection. Upon exiting the starting dungeon, Amaruq levels up, adding Eyestrike into her spell repertoire and investing skill points into Athletics (to improve the Second Wind ability) and Mechanics (as she's to be our Jan Jansen "at your service"). She sets up a camp in Valewood (Survival 1 allows us to take the DR buff) and thereafter collects the ingredients and defeats the solo bandit by using Eyestrike and Mind Wave. Ignoring the remaining residents of Valewood, she proceeded to Gilded Vale, where she teams up with Aloth. I've understood form this thread that clerics are rather instrumental to have around and decided to employ the services of Anomandra, a Priest of Berath found at the Black Hound's, currently on a pilgrimage from the northern lands. We loot the inn's containers for a Ring of Deflection and some consumables, stock some catering supplies and the three of us set out to explore the town. Completing the miller quest and the Visions and Whispers grants an additional level to both Amaruq (Draining Whip, Mental Binding, Mind Blades) and Aloth (Arcane Veil, Narcotic Lance, Combusting Wounds). We allow Edér to join our merry group (Constant Recovery, Disciplined Barrage) and proceed back to Valewood to complete the encounters there. First, the wolf pack. Taking a light snack (actually, it was mostly just beer), we open with Whisper of Treason and Knock Down followed by Aloth's Arcane Assault. Divided and debuffed the wolves became easy prey. We reach Fulvano's gloves (currently worn by Amaruq) and apply similar tactics against the kidnapping bandits. Again, no cleric spells were necessary. Anomandra then unleashes her spellbook in the small xaurip camp, knowing that we'll have to camp anyway prior to entering the bear cave. Against the bears, our front line pre-buffs with some basic foodstuff and Anomandra throws in Armor of Faith -> Blessing. Edér tanks the front and knocks down the big one, while Amaruq and Aloth fling their spells (Eyestrike / Comusting Wounds -> Mental Binding, Arcane Assault). Edér soaks up some residual damage that got through and we come out on the top. Anomandra reaches level 2 and is allowed to take Inspiring Radiance. To be continued. Regards, B.
  6. Among you, the veteran soldiers, I'm really just a camp follower . But I'm very glad that this thread has kicked-off well and is already looking viable. I'll post some initial progress of mine later today - funnily, so far the most dangerous moment was while fighting the boars at Magran's Fork (I was surprised to see how tough these guys could be). Slothy too can't wait to hear of your adventures.
  7. Heyya, it's me popping in again. I suppose I've just created a character and I'll be riding the PoE wave with you for a time (with apologies to Saoirse, my thief/illusionist, who will instead be getting bored in one of Trademeet's taverns). I have a very vague idea of what I'm doing and, because of that, I'm not very inclined to consider this as a proper no-reload attempt. Nevertheless, I shall adhere to the rules and we'll see what happens. If death comes to us (and this is bound to happen sooner rather than later) then I suppose I'll just try to complete the game to familiarize myself with both the story and the challenges/tactical content. Anyway, I wish all the best to the currently active participants. Regards, B.
  8. Just dropping by to say good luck to all the challengers! I'll be watching this thread with interest and, who knows, I may resurrect my PoE install and give it a shot myself. I’ve never actually finished the game (mostly due to loss of interest at various stages), but seeing your adventures unfold could just be the right incentive. Have fun! B.
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