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  1. We don't have a time specifically devoted to that no. But as long as time isn't taken away from planned features, we're usually free to explore those kinds of things (especially in pre-production).
  2. I don't know how much of this we're going to do, I like all of those ideas and I think it would be fun to build an AI that can do them. We'll just have to see which of those behaviors is a "fit" for the game. I think we'll almost certainly have smarter AI that will try to do things like protect a spell caster or other weak allies. That kind of things isn't too difficult to implement and makes for a more interesting challenge.
  3. I assume this means that it's easier/faster to prototype with Unity than Onyx, so I'm going to base my question on that: some game developers, to my knowledge, have prototyped stuff on Unity and then moved to their own engines/licensed engines to work on the game past the prototype phase.. do you see Obsidian adopting this practice, or would you rather Onyx to be made more prototype-friendly? Considering Obsidian is small in terms of AAA development (but too big to be considered small or even mid-size), I'd think prototyping things fast would be a huge boon, but not being a developer (or even particularly knowledgeable in terms of tech) there might be a lot of aspects I'm not considering. I can't imagine us ever prototyping things in Unity and then converting them to Onyx. Because the two engines are functionally very different it would mean doing everything twice, I don't know of very many people that like to do the same job twice. As we work with Onyx we work on maturing the pipelines to make building things faster and easier, generally if some process is cumbersome we try to fix the problem.
  4. -I mentioned this above but the best whiskey I've had is The Balvenie Scotch whiskey, if you can drink it neat you know it's good. -Haha, I'm sure there will be alcohol in there. I will demand a fine Orlan whiskey be included. -Unity doesn't have any sort of built in AI system. I've created one for us and tried to make it stupid easy to give that AI to characters as they are created. It's about 3 mouse clicks right now. :D -I don't think the final name has been seriously considered yet, I think think we're going to wait until the story is finalized and the lore more fleshed out.
  5. Very nice! My dad's side of the family is actually from Scotland, so I'd love to visit some day as well and have some whiskey from the headwaters too. Cheers!
  6. I think it would be a lot of fun to make some sort of bad-ass AI that sets traps for you and makes ambushes and stuff. That being said, it sounds impossible to tune for such a huge game. I think we'll all be happier if we let humans design these levels and just make the AI look smart. The AI system is definitely written from scratch. CPU time and memory have come a long way since those days, we can make some fancier AI state machines than they did back in the day.
  7. That's a good question for Josh Sawyer, I'm currently building the underlying architecture so he can make whatever he wants.
  8. The best whiskey I've had so far is The Balvenie scotch whiskey (drank it neat). So I guess I'll go with scotch. That being said, I'm not picky if there's a mixer.
  9. Reddit is not the main forum where PE team member engage with the fan base. Our official forums here are. I'm a long time Redditor and volunteered to help bolster the project eternity subreddit because I like Reddit. The voting system there also made it easy for things like Tim Cain's top 5 question updates. But the main creative types on the project (Josh etc) engage people here, not Reddit. Haha, sneaky question. I specifically avoided numbers in the interview and will continue to avoid them.
  10. Obviously performance has to good. Because we aren't rendering out everything in 3D I think the requirements are going to be a little different for our game than what Trent was talking about. We're going to be less about CPU power and more about memory, which is something the PC doesn't have much of an issue with.
  11. Unity's new Mecanim stuff is pretty cool and saves our animators a lot of time which can be devoted to adding more flavor to the game. So, we'll see how it shakes out I guess.
  12. -If I fraps'd my work and sent it to you I imagine you would fall asleep seeing how boring writing code is to watch. Would I lose my job over it? It would definitely be grounds for firing me, but Feargus loves me so much he'd never do that. -The game systems are DEFINITELY easy to prototype with Unity, in that regard it is the best engine I've worked with. It's not the best thing ever though, whiskey is. -*hangs head in same* no I haven't played Arcanum. I do have the original game box at home though, I've been meaning to bring it in and get Tim to sign it for me. Only then will I actually play it!
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