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  1. Yea, steam vesion. It strange, but i resolve problem that way: unchek all download content boxes, check them, them download some files, then restart steam. Maybe be helpful for someone. Thank you for your work!
  2. Sorry for my english, this is not my native language and i am very bad in this. This track from PoE 1 which came with last patch just destroys all my game experience. I love all Nekitaka district themes and i enjoy every minute of game with this music, but they all just dont play. Always play only this music theme from PoE 1. I have endured this track a long time, but when this melody start to playing in Realm of Beast of Winter (quest in Sacred Staris) i just turn off the game. Please, give the option to leave only music from PoE 2, if it possible. P.S. "All Gods" which play in Realm of Bea
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