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  1. Cheers! That indeed solved all missing string problems I found so far. Should keep an eye on GitHub more often for development branches
  2. Thank you SonyXP. Have you tried verifying your game files? It surprises me that those strings would suddenly be missing. We are working on a mod related bug that may also be the culprit to the mod bug you mentioned. I could track down the culprit of my issues. Seems like it was indeed a mod causing those issues starting with patch (worked with tho). It is the following mod, which adresses some false german translations but is necessary for another very popular mod called "Enhanced User Interface": https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/5 As soon as I change the game's language to english, all strings are loaded correctly. So it seems, the aforementioned and linked mod interfers a bit too much within the language files and breaks something in conjunction with your latest patch branch. Maybe this information is useful for others (german speakers) using the same mod constellation and patch level
  3. Hello David, yes, I veryfied the game files - that is usually the first thing I do, along with disabling mods to circle the culprit
  4. Hey there I came across multiple "missing string" occasions since latest beta branch patch (starting with - all of which are only happening with pets' names so far. Then I stumbled on this one today, cloak that I found: Item Caption / Name: "Missing string 5592" Additional Effects: "Missing string 1714: Grants "Missing string 4906" "Missing string 1715: Grants "Missing string 667" "Missing string 1716: Grants "Missing string 4909" On top of that, I noticed huge "lags" with that has just been applied. Lags as in "every action I do is delayed by about 5 seconds before the game performs it". I have to admit I am using mods - deactivated all of them (it's only 2 in total), no differnce either. Those mods have worked with flawlessly, which is no guarantee ofc. I will keep my eyes open for updated mods, aswell as a hotfix you guys might apply
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