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  1. Yes, the BonusQuickSlots can go above 6. It's a simple addition, but there are two stacking rules: If the character has BonusQuickSlots from multiple sources (for example Deep Pockets) they stack with each other. The "MaxStackQuantity" property of the StatusEffectComponent governs the stacking rule for applying the same StatusEffectGameData (same Guid) to a single character. You can't access the extra quick slots beyond the theoretical max (six) from the UI, but the SummonConsumable can add an item to it just fine.
  2. You can call scripts, if and when you can apply StatusEffect to a character with a quick slot. First make a dummy item. It can be completely empty (it still needs an ItemComponent) and add a DataScriptEventComponent with OnItemCollected event to it. Attach the scripts you want to call here. Make two StatusEffectGameData one with BonusQuickSlots ("BaseValue": 1, "DurationType": "Instant") and another with SummonConsumable ("DurationType": "Instant", "ItemValueID": "Dummy item Guid"). Make sure you always apply them one after the other, first the BonusQuickSlots then SummonConsumable. Once the summoning is completed (in an instant) both the BonusQuickSlots and the SummonConsumable will be removed, but the script on the dummy item will be called. It works, because the SummonConsumable calls a function that triggers the OnItemCollected event (for example the SummonWeaponPrimarySlot does not). Also the max quick item number can go over 6, the overflow is simply inaccessible, but not for the SummonConsumable status effect. The BonusQuickSlots and the SummonConsumable can be applied from an attack as well. The downside: the attack has to originate from a charater with a quick slot. Make a KeywordGameData for the attack and add it to the "KeywordsIDs" of said attack. Apply a StatusEffectGameData with ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent ("AttackFilter": {"KeywordsIDs": [KeywordGameData attack Guid]}, "StatusEffectsValueIDs": [BonusQuickSlots Guid, SummonConsumable Guid], "EventValue": "OnScoringGrazeHitOrCriticalHit") to the character. Whenever the character hits with the attack, the script will be called as well.
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