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  1. The Shadowing Beyond ability doesn't appear to do anything on Xbox either.
  2. The text for quests, tasks, etc. randomly overlaps such that it is illegible. This seems to happen randomly and I can fix it by expanding and closing the text windows (this can take many attempts) but it is very annoying. The same bug occurs on the crafting menu for food and also on the opening screen that shows the controller. Also, if you have a lot of text on a magic item in the crafting screen, the text gets cut off on the bottom and you can’t scroll down all the way. I’m seeing so many bugs on Xbox can someone confirm if the Xbox version is not as recent as PC?
  3. The Grieving Mother casts psychic backlash on herself at the start of battles. This was supposed to be fixed years ago on PC but it exists on my Xbox version. Does the Xbox version receive a lower level of support than the PC version?
  4. Whenever I use the rogue’s shadowing beyond ability it doesn’t do anything. The number of uses decreases by one but the rogue does not become invisible at all. I’m playing the Xbox version. Anyone else have this problem?
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