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  1. I love pillars of eternity to the point that I've completed the ultimate challenge on console (even though there is no achievement for this). I would love to play cipher but there are several bugs that need be fixed. 1-dominate, charm, and confuse spells do not work as intended cancelling prematurely. I saw a post by jobobo from 3.03 and it seems like this is the issue on consoles. Currently ciphers are not fun and any dominate effect is broken. 2-ancient memory does not heal as intended 3-grieving mother will psychic backlash herself at the beginning of battles 4-the deadfire vendor was never added. 5-whisper of treason cast timer appears to be longer than fast A lot of the above issues appear to have been addressed in the pc version and if these updates were available on consoles would help a lot. As is with dominate effects being a core part of the cipher class it is borderline unplayable and Inqould love to do another ultimate run trying with the cipher. Thanks for reviewing
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