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  1. I'm stuck at the select gender stage of character creation on a new game. When I click the next button after a gender is selected, the button depresses and then the view zooms in but doesn't progress to the next stage. Output log below, I clicked the next button 6 times then exited the game. There looks to be a null reference exception triggered each time in the output. I've tried full re-install, and verified the files with steam. Steam overlay, and Geforce experience overlay disabled/enabled. Windowed/full-screen mode, different resolutions, no fix in any case. Nvidia GTX 970 driver 398.36, windows/steam version I played the game on launch patch with no issues. I tried again after the latest patch ahead of the the new content and the issue above rose up. My previous saves are also buggy (merchant buy/sell windows are not launching from dialogue) and character stats are odd (though the latter is probably from playing with the console to reset characters when the stat re-roll bug was around in an earlier patch) - not too worried about this bit though as looking to re-roll a new game anyways. Cheers Output log (failed character creation on new game - next button after gender hit 6 times) https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgj2lu3izik7h1u/output_log.txt?dl=0
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