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  1. @Boeroer - thank you for your ideas. I never thought about Goldpack/Trickster. I am thinking of these bases attributes (w/o blessing): 10 Might 8 Con 20 Dexterity 15 Perception 15 Intellect 10 Resolve Thoughts ? @elbe Not to hijack the thread but I have also been looking for a DW build utilising either swords (modwyr and watchers blade for the double lashes) or sabre + stilleto (scordeos + rusts mainly for the aesthetic). Similar requirements to OP in that I want to be mainly dps oriented but not a complete glass cannon. Bonus points if it includes paladin, monk, barbarian or cipher as I find the story companions don't cover those classes well (weaker subclasses). This is some good hijacking I also thought about that with the same swords. I had in mind this following build but will much less in Resolve (10 or so) since the build will be in party and not as tank:
  2. Hi, perhaps it has been already discussed but - I am planning for "party" run thought. I am looking for the best Dual Wielding DPS that could also act as off tank, from time to time, and also what weapon would you recommend with the build ? Thanks !
  3. Thank you all for the replies and, perhaps I should edit my first post and specify the following: I have been playing as pure wizard and noticed the crazy among of DPS I was able to do while being almost untouchable with some protections. I would like and wanted to change my play style to a melee DPS that could do more (or equal) to a wizard and wanted to challenge the community with that. @mocker22, this seems very tempting, the fighter/monk and curious to know more about this build - have you wrote something about that build or where can I read more about this ? Survivability should be good if its build with Dex ? @mant2si, this is a nice video for ranger melee but can you handle the last bosses properly ? how much DPS are you able to do ? @Boeroer good comments and nice page where you summarize builds. thanks
  4. [We have a small patch for you all today.] it's 22GB, how is this a "small" patch ?
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