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  1. In addition to abovementioned: - get the quest, talk to both factions - meanwhile finish ,,A Sinking Feeling" quest - get to mediate the feud - track Nezza and uncover the plot of robbing the Bardatto's vault - tell Ezzali about it - speak with Valera's and agree to help their robber - when entering the Bardatto's Mansion I was attacked, then after wiping out all of the opposition and taking their loot I returned to Valera's - Valera thanked for resolving the matter for them (Unique Sword as a reward) and agreed to negotiate with already killed Bardatto's - In the cutscene Ezzali is alive again and the two factions settle an aggreement - after the scene you get reward from Bardatto's (Bardatto's Hull) and again Unique Sword from Valera's I don't know how to start negotiations without taking one side or another, but the outcome above is the most profittable methinks.
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