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  1. Hi, I suffer from the same problem, but apparently only since about Wednesday (in this extent). One think that significantly helps (from a Steam forum post): - Select a character portait within the game with no Ui open (left or right dependent on your UI layout) - right click on the AI - button which hovers atop the party portraits - the bahviour editor opens and e.g. condition selector items should be clickable Reproduction: Iopen e.g. the Inventory select a character click the behaviour button below the portrait click on "Edit behaviour" click on a existing behaviour or create a new one click on a condition (e.g. "always true" on a new bwehaviour set) you are only able to click some of the items (upper two items, some in the middle), scroll bar ist not always working. I guess the underlying window is still active somehow. But (in contrast to Pillars I) Ui Windows are not freely moveable. Reducing font size does not reduce UI size. I tried to change "Windowed" to "Fullscreen" and lowered font size without success. However, above workaround to open AI Editor from party panel worked.
  2. Hi, Yesterday I tinkered a bit in the behaviour editor. Usually I create a new set and start fresh. This works quite well except for the Ranger class it seems. It seems you cannot select any companion actions (Takedown in this case) from the action menu. It seems also that e.g. "Heal Companion" is missing. You could duplicate one of the already present bahaviour sets ("aggressive" and "cautionous"), but if you try to edit the already defined actions, you cannot see them in the opening action selector.
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