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  1. wow, the same day I finish my PoE1 playthrough, Obsidian fixed the reason I stopped playing Deadfire and did another PoE1 playthrough, the retraining bug. Thanks, can finally test different builds without being afraid.
  2. I really liked the game but to me the problem with Deadfire's combat is that they did two things to combat. First, they removed a lot of useless fights that had only one reason, that was to make you use your camping supplies in the original. Second, they made combat way faster in the sequel, easy fights in PoE would take 15-30 seconds and this is the time I take on hard fights in the sequel. To me that's why it feels there is not a lot of combat in the game, is the combination of faster combat and less trash mobs to obligate you to use camping supplies. To me they need to just add a few mo
  3. I thought they would finally fix the losing of skill points when upgrading a starter ability and then training but I don't know why they don't do it and stay silent about it too
  4. When I stopped to think about how the bug works I understood that this is probably an old bug and not a 1.2 one and that's why the developers didn't answer to this post. I think that whenever an ability is overridden by another this will happen because they remove your old ability and replace by the new improved one but then the game has no information of what ability you had on level 1 when you retrain your character. I don't know how they will fix this bug without giving us level 1 retrain and if they do we will be able to change our starting abilities but if I remember correctly this is so
  5. I created my PC as a chanter and any chanter get to choose in level 1 two starting abilities, one chant and one invocation I chose "And Hel-Hyraf Crashed upon the Shield" as my invocation, when I got the chance to upgrade it I did with "The Shield Cracks". When I tried to retrain my PC I lost both the upgraded version and the starting one, so at level 1 I have no invocation and I lost one skill point because of that. screenshots to show that https://imgur.com/a/QTF1FH9
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