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  1. It's not much of a problem, I still had a larger version of the watercoulour saved. Just needed to crop and resize it again.
  2. I had to add a little at the bottom. It was that or cutting off her ears. Poor elf The portrait format is a bit more longish than what you usually find.
  3. By popular request... ...and an ear + watercolours On an unrelated note, how do I tag people here? @username doesn't seem to work for some reason.
  4. I hope the way I cropped the image is okay. I didn't try, but I think the whole thing might be too small in-game. Is that Hawke from DA2? Sure looks like her (minus the blood). I altered the image a bit so the lower part looks a bit more like the others in the game, though she does look a little naked now. Here you go:
  5. edit: First I tried to put the images in spoilers, because the are so big, and couldn't (I don't get this forum, it works elsewhere). Then I used imgur's thumbnail function, only to realise that it resized the actual image, not just the thumbnail. Next try, the links to both images in original size: https://imgur.com/DWphL0Q https://imgur.com/hEm9tPZ
  6. Usually I would not change the original image, but her- um... anatomical problems became very obvious in the water colour version. Still better not to look at her left shoulder too closely.
  7. I thought it was an Orlan (fuzzy ears)? Anyways, here you go: Not sure why just the watercolours didn't show up, but the standard version you posted had the wrong size. Cropped it again + watercoulours:
  8. Boy, that was a mean one. Very little contrast, so I had to do some areas by hand because the program couldn't recognise the borders. Sorry for that, and thanx a lot it's a amazing No need to apologise, it's not that I was forced to do it. I just wonder who thought it would be a good idea to paint brown on brown.
  9. I hope you like them. Boy, that was a mean one. Very little contrast, so I had to do some areas by hand because the program couldn't recognise the borders.
  10. There is indeed very little content for Aumaua, especially Island Aumaua to be found. I was looking for something to draw, anyway, so I thought I might give it a try. I'm not terribly happy with the result, but better than nothing I guess. Feel free to ignore it if you don't like them. https://imgur.com/uMTXA1F https://imgur.com/YzISfgi https://imgur.com/C9MLYUZ https://imgur.com/hRgmreB
  11. If there are any issues with the quality of these, please tell me, otherwise I will just keep going. It's strangely relaxing to make them. @andoli @WesSoto Who is the artist of that one? I really like the style. @mychal26
  12. I haven't read through all the 3 previous threads, so my apologies if someone already suggested this, but GIMP (freeware) has a suitable filter to achieve a style similar to the one in the game. After applying the comic filter I put another layer with something that looks like yellowed paper on top and set the layer to overlay. You can see the result below. Maybe not an artistic solution, but it takes about 5 minutes and the result looks decent enough imho. Seems to work better with a larger image to start from, but I tried:
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