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  1. I did two bounties for Abocco. Giving him Nomu's head and Tahae's head and both said "total quest experience: 2865" in the log. When I went to check my character's total exp, it only went up by 382 when I handed in Nomu's head and then I turned in Tahae's head and got 573 exp. I don't have any mods installed for this game. At first I thought it was divided exp, but how do I get 382 exp from one head and then 573 from the next head I turned in? I also turned in a bounty to Fleet Master Wakoyo for killing Assila Wave-Skipper and he gave me Total quest experience: 4050 and each of my characters only gained 540 exp for it. Is there some special experience distribution going on that I am not aware of? I just found it weird how the exp gains are so skewered.
  2. I completed A Bigger Fish involving the annoying pirates with the Valeras and then spoke to them again and said that Ezzali would see them for a peaceful meeting. I went and saw Ezzali and I told her about the plot in which her vault was going to get robbed so there I completed A Sinking Feeling. I did not agree to plan a trap for the Valeras. I spoke to her again and said she should meet with the Valeras for peace. So after resolving Family Pride quest peacefully, I went and saw Ezzali and she gave me her mace. I went and saw Atello and he said that Belda was going to rob the Bardatto vault. I thought that dialogue was part of the Family Pride quest? I have all 3 quests completed. As soon as I walk up to Ezzali, she gets pissed about me going to help out Belda and attacks me on sight so I have to end up killing her family now too. Is this even a bug or is this intended? It really doesn't seem like it should be intended.
  3. If a fix does not come out before Xmas then I will probably lose interest in continuing. That saddens me since I was just getting back into the game after a long break.
  4. I wish they would just rollback the patch to the last one so we could at least be sure to get a working patch before the holidays. Yeah it sucks that some content is bugged and and can't complete but that's way better than us not even being able to load up a save file and play in general.
  5. Same issue here. Just restarted the game to fix my hourly memory leak issue, downloaded a patch about 20 minutes ago and got Missing DLC on all my save files. It says I am missing LAXI and LAXH.
  6. So I found a workaround for this by experimenting a bit. Although, I ended up killing all the watershapers and pirates down there except Mad Morena and her crew before I even got this Goods and Services quest. My reputation with Delver's Row is -2 so when I walk in there they all start to attack me. So what I did to do this was first position 4 of me crew members next to the boat to go back to Queen's Berth, click on the boat and then exit that boat menu just to make sure you are 1 click away from entering the boat. I took my highest stealth character (Maia for me) and positioned her behind Mad Morena far enough so she didn't aggro. Quicksave. Take Maia stealthed and walk pretty close behind Mad Morena and pause game, talk to her and do your quest thing. Then when you exit her chat, the game is still paused. Take your main character and talk to the boat and sail back to Queen's Berth and boom, none of those pirates will ever aggro you. You can even go back and do the same thing and Mad Morena won't be mad at you. As long as the ground targeting circle around her is blue and not red, she will be interactable. I hope this helps. I didn't want to kill these people so I found this method to complete the quest with out making them hostile or killing them.
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