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  1. No news from the Custom Contents' Contest ? Postpone to March ?... of 2008 ?
  2. Good news Rob, But... there is always a "but", can we expect, for the next NwN2 Community Update, the result of the Custom Content's Contest ?
  3. There is 25 entries in the Custom models Contest and you said that "many of those entries also came with the accusation of plagiarism", I think that you must say which entries are accused and by who. This type of charge without brought proof throws the opprobrium on all the designers, the slightest thing would be that the organizers of the contest give the name of the indicters and the incriminated models or that the indicters have the courage to pronounce their charges in front of all (we can always dream). So, the accused persons could defend themselves from indicters, even to obta
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