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  1. Weird, after some attempts i've been able to enter inside the mill and ,after that , this save seems fixed and i can move in & out the Mill without crash, so (after a backup of the unlocked save) i've tried to recreate the miracle but not succeed anymore. The only difference from the usual approach was that i started the game in english then going to the east exit i've checked any location on the map, looking for the Mill to try to move inside it straight from the map... But i didn't found it on the Queen's Berth Map (maybe is the issue related to that?), so I closed the map and clic
  2. Game saved with the error: https://mega.nz/#F!GD50VZgY!4axEgMpM3cz_zAKtwvYoHQ!SLgQHRpY I changed the language to English and restarted the game. Then I loaded a game from the port of Neketaka and entered Luminous Adra Mill and there was no error. I saved several times as a precaution and from the start menu I put the game in Spanish and restart the game. Now I can enter without any problem. It seems that language was the cause of the problem
  3. I have the same problem. Map Loading Error: cannot enter into Luminous Adra Mill UPDATE 1.1 https://mega.nz/#F!GD50VZgY!4axEgMpM3cz_zAKtwvYoHQ!SLgQHRpY
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