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  1. Hello everyone! i just started playing POE 2 and man, what a blast! in PoE1 i played Boeroer's paladin with a lot of item options and it was really fun! Now im playing a blood mage/Fury shaper fun but i want to make a second build,one with a lot of use of items like scrolls and bombs and stuff like Myrtillo's intelligent captains build. i would like to craft a lot! so, do you know what kind of class could i play to have a lot of fun with that? thanks by the way.
  2. what a crazy good build, would it work with an barbarian? and would it be better? and would it work with Edèr even with his stats? would it be a good main character ?
  3. yeah outworn make my eder dps more viable as an offtank thanks for the info, wow vile loner's lance is really good ! i'll give it a try! thanks as always boeroer for giving us very nice build^^ (im also trying ur your thief/mage scrolls)
  4. and again... (sorry) is it not b etter arbalest instead of arquebus? and what are the others weapons i could take that are good with focus soldier and the counselor??
  5. okay thanks mate, i have begun to build a counselor, and have to admit that for a defensive character, he deal a LOT of damage (thx kana and his arquebus)
  6. Hi, i really want to play one of your nice guides on pally but idk which one to choose Wich of your build is the most fun to play for you (and in ealry game too)? the Couselor ploi? or the dull runner? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83338-class-build-the-dull-runner-caster-clipper-paladin-tank/page-2 thx for the info
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