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  1. I also tried going from Queen's Berth to Periki Overlook, then from there to the Gullet. That worked fine.
  2. All crash files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/as8uhfbnl0n7q0t/AADRqLhWBTB4MHGCaVPmGOswa?dl=0
  3. For whatever reason, I didn't have this problem anymore then next time I ran the game. Weird.
  4. On my third playthrough, I wanted to take the Huana side, but I never received the "Taking Out the Traders" quest and couldn't seem to get Onekaza to give it to me no matter what I did. Was it because Governor Alvari had sent Director Castol into exile? Does this turn of events lock the player out of Taking Out the Traders? Or was this a straight-up bug? I supported the Vailians until Alvari executed her coup, and at that point I switched loyalties to the Huana, but I never got the chance to prove it -- so I ended up going for the chaos ending instead, just like I had my first two playthroughs
  5. I don't know what the name of it was, or I'd have given it. I called it "the Gods' Argument" because it's the one in which a whole bunch of the gods are bickering with each other, including Wael, Abydon, Galawain, Magran, Ondra et al.
  6. I just downloaded the Beards and Hair pack, and suddenly my game is stop-and-go, especially in combats with a lot of actors. It's throwing me off, because I can't always tell when it's pausing combat and when it's just stopping for memory processing.
  7. Crash log folder is too large to attach. It can be accessed at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/as8uhfbnl0n7q0t/AADRqLhWBTB4MHGCaVPmGOswa?dl=0
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