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  1. After Hasango, the player gets called by the Pallid Knight to tell her what's going on with Eothas. It's a fine cut-scene, but no matter what options I take, no matter how much I mouth off to the gods or stay silent, or simply sulk, I come out the other end of the unavoidable conversation with a +1 reputation to diplomacy. Every path I could try has done this, which is unfortunate if I am playing a bleak walker (which I currently am). Please fix this. Also, the deep faith defense bonus isn't working still, at least for me. I have +3 in both cruel and aggressive, and the deep faith is s
  2. I'm playing a game in which I'm using this excellent armor (Casita Samelia's Legacy) to give me a bit more defense. It is supposed to raise your deflection based on your intimidate, and the bonus is nice. However, it seems to go away when I change areas, enter combat, or after a conversation. I get the bonus back by un-equipping and re-equpping the item. Please fix this.
  3. I think the drop in the defense value happened as the game switched to v 1.1.
  4. I took the deep faith merit on a hybrid bleak walker/rogue build. At first, as I gained the aggressive and cruel reputations, the defenses were going up, from 15 to 21 as I had 3 in both Aggressive and Cruel. Then, suddenly, it dropped to +15, the base value. I'm not sure what happened, nor how to fix it. I can provide save files if necessary. I hadn't gained any 'negative' reputations, so it is unclear what exactly happened.
  5. I am trying out an infinite crit generating character, mainly a double-blunderbuss wielding brawler that is abusing the swift flurry ability to have a crit start another crit 33% of the time. However, I found out to my chagrin that when I attack someone via charge that happens to be behind some barrels, the barrels also take the attack. But, unlike the target, they have 0 deflection, so they get critted automatically. And 33% of those attacks trigger another blunderbuss attack, which has 4 projectiles. All of which crit automatically, and have a chance of causing another set of crits .
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