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  1. Am I the only one who have a grudge with the accuracy and dodge system in the turn based system ? I wasn't a big fan for the real time but I get where it's coming from and all, ok sure. But in turn based you can end up missing a lot of actions and it just feels wrong. Having some specific actions that are fairly "chance" based is a healthy thing but having almost every action you perform being based on a % of chance when you get only to act once per turn per character becomes a bit critical and can make fights last much longer than they would otherwise. I'm not the best at min-maxxing I ju
  2. I absolutely LOVE the turn based system I think it is super promising and I could see myslef having a couple more playthroughs of the game (if not more really) with this mode. But as many players I have a big problem with how rounds are handled and turn order in general. I have seen many parallels being drawn with other games whether they are traditional RPG or videogame adaptations and to my surprise many people are thinking that it wouldn't be possible to transfer the system to a more "fluid" turn order system. But why ? Quite a few videogame RPGs have a speed system determining who play
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