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  1. Would someone be able to edit and water color these two portraits? Thank you!!!
  2. Hello all you wonderful people, I was hoping for some water-coloring help with these, as the portraits for female fire godlikes are not amazing. I, sadly have not mastered the art of photoshop and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Grendel33 EDIT: I attempted to quote an earlier post of mine, but it didn't quote the pictures so here they are. The source image and my attempts to crop and rescale. Sorry. Thank you, Grendel33
  3. Hi again, I was wondering if I could get some more water-coloring help. I found this image on the first page of the Portraits 2 thread. I've included the source image and my attempt at cropping and scaling. Thank you again.
  4. Here is the Fire God-like. Regards Here is the Death God-like, not sure if I got the edges correct but it looks alright. Enjoy. Regards These look awesome, Thank you so much. Grendel33
  5. I've edited this post, as I found some better portraits, I apologize if anyone was working on the ones I had added. So again, I want to say thank you to all the awesome people who are editing these wondrous custom portraits. I was hoping someone would be willing to help me out with these images for female godlikes. I'm also uploading the source if anyone wants it. https://annahelme.deviantart.com/ Again I apologize for the edit, I just really suck at using photo editors. Thank you, Grendel33
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