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  1. Wow. Just...wow. There is so much wrong with this post I'm not sure where to start. 1) The idea that women have to be intellectual while men are physical is just not accurate, *especially* not in a fantasy setting where magic etc. is a thing. Also, do you *not* remember playing as Ciri and beating the Bloody Baron at everything a "man" can do, including slaughtering the **** out of a griffin that he and all his male soldiers couldn't do anything about? 2) One of the *most powerful pirate captains in history* was a woman, Ching Shih, who led a fleet of *forty thousands* pirates on *300* ships. In real, actual life--women were sometimes pirates and sometimes actual pirate captains. 3) Woman blacksmiths were also an actual thing, although guild laws generally forbode them from smithing outside of their husbands or sons shop. They were sometimes *REALLY* good; a woman named Elizabeth Benent forged the iron gates at Blenheim Palace. You find few woman in a milions , but almost every man can do it , and of all sudden every woman is equal to a man,plz no. check this out . This is a real comparison , not some paintings of things that may or may never happened
  2. Your female adviser is a spy. Your diplomatic adviser is a woman. Your military adviser is a man. What. The. Hell. Are. You. Talking. About. Can't people just write a god damn story without being pigeonholed. Jesus. What ? you said exactly what i want , yes these are female chars i see as in a position that fits nicely . I was talking about woman roll on a position that man perform better. Like smiths, guards, warriors/soldiers, and other deeds that require strenght. If you are a man , and weaker individual then a some woman ,then YOU as i pearson have a problem mate, don't put other man into your perspective of man/woman strenght.
  3. Because there are people who strongly believe that it is any man's job to get the food on the table and any woman's job to stay at home and raise the children and do the chores. And any idea that dares deviate from that view is regarded as SJW propaganda. But mind you, there are also many people who only pretend to think that way to get strong reactions from other people. So you really don't know who actually thinks that way or not. This thread is almost like an invitation for certain people to come here an try to get strong reactions from other people. And the stronger you react and show how shocked you are the more fun it is for them to try to "trigger" you even more. So the only appropriate reaction to this thread in my view can be very well expressed by this smiley:
  4. From my point of view problem in latest RPG games is incapability of making strong female characters, by failing it developers immediately put SJW propaganda into games. Example: Great explanation how to make strong female character is Witcher 3, i think all of us who played that game remember the quest on Skellige , quest when we need to help both Hjalmar an Crate and Cerys an Crate. Hjalmar went to kill the giant because he is a strong man and most likely he is capable to do it . While Cerys went on other island to to help yarl about posetion, she chose more intellectual quest coz she can't perform fits at man. During those quests you see how capable BOTH characters are . All of my 3 playthrough i chosed Cerys coz i think she is best leader for Skellige. So, my point is , that both characters showed different kind of strength , Hjamar as a man went to do one thing, Cerys as a woman chose intellectual , different thing, coz she can't perform fits as a MAN. This is best example of strong man and STRONG FEMALE characters. Witcher is a true game that made a true difference between female and man strenght. So if Witcher 3 is a Bioware game , Hjamlar would be some crybaby man, and Cerys would go to kill Giant , coz she is a STRONG WOMAN. This is formula how new RPGs are being made. Example , strong female characters are Viviene, Leliane , Josephine , so all woman who perform on intellectual tasks, ok beside Leliana , she is kinda rouguish, and that's perfectly fine. They are chars from DAI, which is also kinda SJW propaganda. But they have few good chars. Bad example, Marihi, in POE2. Ok , she is a woman ,to perform as a smith , you need high raw strength to wield smithing hammer .So , my question is why is woman best smith in this game? I mean, 15y old boy has higher srtenght then fully grown woman. So it is stupid to make woman a best smith , coz any man would be a better smith then her. Other example POE2: That female captain , captain of pirates , i forgot her name.. So In a lawless world , brutal world , in a world where anyone can do all kind of crimes without any repercussions , in a world like that strong individuals are going up , while weak are going down , so in a lawless world ,WOMAN and weak man are getting subjected . Can you imagine what would happened to a woman surrounded by 20tish pirate man in a ship ? She would get raped and killed , not necessarily at that order . So , why would developers put woman to be a ship pirate captain ,cause that is impossible fit for a woman. Woman simple can't make her position to give an orders to a 20 man, in a world where those man can do all kind of things to that woman. If you ask me , yes, that chars is SJW bull**** , along with Marihi the best smith . Please, don't get me wrong , i like female characters , buy not in a positions in which woman can't perform tasks in certain point of time. So please, create more FEMALE sorcesses, more female hunters/rogues , more females on Intellectual positions., but stop with females on positions where they need to perform physical tasks , tasks like soldiers, warriors , fighters , guards, smith ...etc, coz no one would hire any woman to do those things coz any man can perform those taks better then a woman. My point is that developers don't know the meaning of word "strong" that strenght can be different between MAN and WOMAN. As i true RPG player , i like to immerse my self into game , and chars that are in position they can't perform it simply kills a immersion for me. That happened so many times in POE2. So yea, if you ask me , is this SJW propaganda , i would say YES.
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