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  1. I don't think I understand. DLCs add plenty of gameplay, including new items, new type of item, they expanded ranger's tree and now added new subclasses for each class. In addition DLC include new enemies, new encounter design and include the hardest content in the game apart of the megabosses which were added for every one for three. Adding unending (or expanded) leveling up system only damages gameplay, as one of the main issues of the game is (or at least was, didn't play the base game in a while, maybe it's much better one) that there is too much mid level content and you tend to outlevel most of the stuff there, providing poor gameplay experience. Adding unending power creep would only hurt gameplay, not improve it. Unless you are one of those people who like Diablo and such, were you do boring stuff to get better stuff, to be able repeat boring stuff but on higher level. This is not Diablo, and it never aimed to be Diablo. I hope it will never aim to be Diablo. If there is something the game could use, please suggest it. I can't think of anything, really. There seem to be a desire for endless leveling up, without an idea what current levels actually lack. I haven't played Diablo since they said "it's hot down here" and you could run around in Bovine armor. -Item collection? No sense of achievement and just down to luck finding them. Also collecting things is not as fun as achieving something. "Neat, another weapon to go with the other 20 legendary weapons I have already upgraded". That is Diablo right there or was in the original. -new subclasses. Already plenty of them and all of them will max out halfway through the game. -As for damaging gameplay to level up. Create a system that works and does not break the game. Why should level 30 break a game when level 5 doesn't? Why have levels at all? As mention, BG 2 had freakish levels but the challenge, story and progression keep going. - As Bleak and daven said (paraphrasing) "why not add epic level feats"? A one-off thing you can use in combat or in a conversation which is cool? Just give a sense of progression because banging your head on a new set of armor over and over just does your head in.
  2. Without raising XP caps, it becomes a forced storytelling game, which is an option, instead of having a challenge and advancing. Without it, it is only for those that want a story, which again is already an option. It stops being a game about 4/5 through the original game if you do everything and if you don't want to do everything then why bother with it. DLCs are just for the storytellers only. Sad that the game is only half game and half storytelling after the DLCs are added. I really don't understand why they don't want to make a full game which is what people supported them to make. A game with a story and not just a game that stops halfway through. No reason to support a story game like this in the future. Design a system that expands in the future. I have a system that can go on forever if you want to use it obsidian but I am only someone that did it without any funding and for the love it.
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