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  1. Found dialog vulnerability when possible to use dialog and raise relationships with companions. Some dialogs can raise relationships and let repeat them several times. Here is example savegame (text file with actions added):
  2. Also about same problems with added\removed effects: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100163-bug-endless-paladin-aura-effects-and-ending-trainer-effects/
  3. Found also another bug. In place where you encounter with Ranetti and he will give(or not) unique alcodagger to you. This dagger is placed in chest wich is always become closed after save and load. Player can raise 400 exp for open of this chest and after another load the chest will be closed again. Here is savegame in location with this chest:
  4. Hi Short description. Main hero have two effects from paladin but no paladin in party. Also after some time teaching effects of trainers was dispelled. Added link to saved game file. Game saved near of one trainer. Check effects of main hero and try to talk with teacher about skill teaching. savegame: upd: getting same bug with effect from Xoti lantern (10%+ magic resist effect) wich was added to all party members but after Xoti was removed from party effects was not dispelled from main hero and just stay in effects with base 10% value (not changing after readded Xoti).
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