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  1. Hi I'm I assume about half way through the game at about 40 hrs, and I'm finding most of it too easy. I'm on Veteran difficulty, without level scaling and most fights I walk through with no effort. I tried to turn on Level Scaling (Only up) but it wont seem to let me after game the starts and I can't increase it to Path of the Damned. Is there anything I can do? I'm enjoying most of the game, but it doesn't seem to be the challenge the first one was and I looked forward to some of the fights I had to try and try to complete. I now wish I'd started with at least level scaling, and probably Path of the Damned, but after investing so many hours into it it seems a waste to start over (along with half the storyline now being spoilt for me) Is there a solution to this? I looked online and someone said something about a difficulty patch, but I have no idea when that'll arrive, probably after I've finished it. I would really like to get as much out of this play through as possible and the ease I'm going through it takes away from the experience.
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