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  1. All a selection circle is supposed to do is highlight the area that you can mouse over to select the unit. It only needs to be a one pixel circle.

    All a shirt is supposed to do is provide protection against low temperature. It only needs to be a black plastic bag with holes. Yet you probably like to wear shirts that have a particular look. At least most people do. ^^


    PS: Selection circles are also used to indicate which characters are currently selected and their faction.

  2. Not to be brusque or anything; but immersive marker circles around friendly PC and NPC units as well as enemies don't make sense at all. They need to be clear and visible and actually stand out to fulfil their purpose, anything else would per definition be confusing. If it was integrated and fitted the graphic style, you'd have tiny intricate trinket chains around units or perhaps rope or vines, and then poof, all functionality is goners.

    I wasn't imagining something as extreme (skeuomorphic) as this, though I don't see why it wouldn't work as long as the form and color is recognizable at a glance. But maybe you're right in that I'm maybe going too far and what I really want is just something that doesn't look as boring and plastic as a 1 pixel circle.

  3. The selection circles have never been a part of what I like in the IE games. I like UI indicators subtle and merging with the game's environment if possible. And I like details and hand-made looking things. The flashy green basic circles of BG and co. obviously don't cut it for me as they are neither subtle nor detailed.

    Hopefully there are enough people like me out there to make the PoE team go out of their way to grant us with a discreet and beautiful selection circle. :)

  4. I'm not crazy about the first track which sounds a bit too... "epic fantasy" for my taste, though it's most certainly not bad.


    The second track is probably the one that is the most evocative to me, and really seems to feel "unique" to this project. It certainly vibes with both "ancient" and "mystical" and seems to speak of distant lands. I also really, really love the soundscape with the bells and blowing winds.

    I would love if that track became the guideline of what to aim for with the music for PE. It's subtle, yet beautiful and evocative.

    Completely agree.

    I would add, since Justin is a sound designer, I would expect some unusual sounds and instruments, which would give more character to the music. Using some real instruments is also a must!


    Anyway, have a good time composing Justin! ;)

  5. I hate the bland-modern-flat-color UI style like in NWN.

    I'm ok with floating stuff as long as it's hand-painted and merges in well with the game's atmosphere. Though I prefer a solid one-piece frame (BG) or bar (Fallout/PS:T)


    I prefer no minimap, can be an option for those who like.

    Edit: Thinking more about it, our characters have a larger view field than we have from our top-down view on the screen so a minimap allows to see as far as our chars do. Go for the minimap!


    PS: You could change the thread's title to something more descriptive.

  6. They went all for the epic, grandiose fantasy stuff in BG2 and forgot all about the atmospheric music... though that might be because there wasn't much wilderness in the game anyways (or tiny/peasant towns anyways), everything had to be big.


    Good observation here! I'm a big believer of having music ebb and flow, and more importantly, that it be interesting and emotionally engaging to listen to.


    When music is all big all the time, you tend to get tired of listening to it after extended periods. That's what we in audio call "listener fatigue", and I'm pretty sensitive to that.

    Justin, I like to read this and I would like to know how much you apply this to battle music. Because in 99% of the games, it's this dissonant, screaming, ear tearing pile of bombastic crashy sound, I can't stand that for more than 30s and I often have to turn off the sound or simply delete the battle tracks if I'm able to.

    Surely battle music doesn't have to be that way, no? It's probably important to have more rhythm than in the rest of the soundtrack and certainly to be in a minor scale to have the feeling of tension, but a screaming mess of sound on and on?

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  7. Alternatively/additionaly for non-Steam users, the ability to specify the save game location upon install would be good. This way you can point it to a Google drive or another cloud synced folder for seamless save game goodness across machines.
    Don't know if you can do symbolic links in Windoz but in Linux you'll be able to replace your saves folder with a link to a cloud synced folder.
  8. My one pet peeve about the random maps from BGT were that they were all basically the same. You encounter everything in the same canyon or clearing. In the city it was even worse. I always fought the same group of slavers in the same alleyway every time I moved between areas. I at the very least want some variety as to random map usage if they do that.

    Agreed. The repetitiveness of the random maps killed the immersion.
  9. I'm quite partial to the Baldur's Gate 1 style: it gave me the feeling of a massive world (contrary to the continuous maps like Skyrim, which scaled down world aspect feel wrong to me), and the feeling of freedom, and the discovery aspect.


    Oh and I love roaming in the countryside, I hope they'll put in a lot of non-city areas to explore.

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