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  1. Some spells will aways show 100% hit chance when targeting foes despite how much accuracy they have, and most of them are wall spells. Minoletta's minor missiles of wizard has no accuracy at all so it just jump the attack roll. Additionally, Sunlance is not considered a fire spell so fire power level and scion of flame will not apply to it. I don't know if it's intended or not.
  2. Skills that are marked as poison will receive 1 power level per 1 alchemy. For example: Malignant cloud, noxios burst of wizard and plague insects, venombloom of druid. The bonus is really huge in this way. Plague insects will do over 1000 damage in total with super high accuracy which make me think this should be a bug.
  3. Plague of insects receives massive bonus from power level. For a level 19 druid, you have +220% damage and +110% duration from power level when other skills of the same tier only receive +60% damage and +30% duration. Or is this intended? It seems plague of insects is the only ability of druid that receives an unusual bonus. Updated: It's actually caused by alchemy. Skills that have poison as a keyword receive 1 power level per 1 alchemy, but i still report this as a bug for you can have over 20 power level by this way.
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