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  1. Thanks for advice, thanks for pointing me to right direction and after reading little about this whole issue i decided to stop to play. I just fear that it will take more than few weeks to fix it properly because throwing more enemies at you is not wanted. One thing still bugs me, why to launch this game when level of difficulty is joke? As I played on veteran level, i cant image "normal" difficulty... Ranger's pet can kill everyone alone?
  2. Hello, want to know opinion from more POE2 experienced players about game difficulty. I have played 30 ish or so hours on Veteran level with lvl scaling. I am quite disappointed. In one or two encounters I had to use some abilities, rest is just auto-attacking and its enough. After reaching Old City at character level 9 I gave up and restarted game on Path of the Damned to feel at least some sign of challenge. Its very early to say if this will be challenging so I am asking you. Please be honest, i do not have much free time to play, so if I play, I want to invest time into something worthwhile playing (Do not include game story as a reason to play). Friend of mine has completed his 1st run on same veteran conditions as I started and told me that since 10th character level he had not really do anything creative to win encounters. Is this true? So i don't really need to think about itemization? Editing Grimoire was already removed, no need to lay traps, use of drugs, potions, environment layout, party synergies etc. So Head ON every fight and just beat them with weapons? After finishing Path of the Damned is there something else? If not, if this is all that there is to beat, well then in my eyes, it is pure disappointment. Well this concerns me much, because POE1 could be quite challenging.
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