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  1. Edit: oops, finger slipped. How did you lower the ram usage by so much? One of my RAM sticks died and I’m currently waiting for a replacement. The game can still run but it crashes at the first cave with Beowulf (decided to start over lol) when it didn’t before. I’d like to play a little bit more if possible before my new parts come in lol. And it’d be nice to not have to use cheats to enter the arena sub level again. That's the power of linux) I simply install & load lightweight environment ("thing" that draw windows, panels - something like that), i'm sure i can reduce ram usage even more, but no need for that. My guess - you need about 2.0-2.5 GB of free ram before starting game to load sub-level location (not sure about windows version though, but it should be the same amount).
  2. Hi! I've experienced the same issue. Tried some options (lowest settings, enable 4x msaa, vsync), but only one attempt was successful (loading location from port using AreaTransition), and I cant load resulting save and the same path later leads to black screen . I've checked some dxdiag files from these tread and it was always 4GB of RAM. I'm a linux user, my system uses about 1.5GB from the start, usually more, but i did some stuff, and now it uses only about 0.5GB - and LOCATION JUST LOADS WITHOUT ISSUES! I double checked, i can freely enter problematic location right from digsite, without any AreaTransition tricks. My suggestion, that's something about free RAM. So, if you having these issue and have about 4GB of ram, i recommend to close all applications before starting game (dont forget background ones, like messengers, torrent clients, maybe even amd/nvidia control centers), also good idea will be to open task manager and check, probably there are some unnecessary ram-hungry processes that you can disable.
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