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  1. Big thumbs up for "The known Lands" the only PW I've played on... a great group of people and the kind of mindset I like.
  2. the Deep Chasm tileset got released over the weekend - towers are almost ready. Thanks for the mention Rob. Deep Chasms
  3. Hellfire and I would like to extend our thanks to Rob and the folks at Obsidian for the invite to the press event on thursday. All I can say is how impressed we were with the enthusiasm each member we spoke to had about MotB. Hellfire I know spoke to each designer, artist, coder he could. And we have a few nice surprises for the community thanks to their help I think. We are going to do a write up of our experience there and have Maximus post up on the vault sometime early next week. I also second Rob's suggestion to everyone to DL Purgatoria when it is released..the level of quality in that mod is just stupendous, from the hours of custom music tracks to the voice overs..All I could do sitting there was just gape at the amount of work Rogue Dao has done..Adjectives fail me. Thanks again...
  4. Predominantly I'm a Custom Content Developer...beyond that I could be a OC player and a PW player..
  5. Possibly Monday, but don't quote me on that. hey if you push it back a few days Hellfire might finish the update to the Deep Halls tileset in time with it... LOL
  6. I've also got some nice big meta-tiles in process for the sewers...soon we will have great underground rivers of waste.....num Any idea on a date? ... I currently have some ... crypts-tileset-flooded-with-docks-on-the-side-creation in our module, but i'd love to switch.^^ How does Rob say it?...ummmm...Soon? In all honesty I am unsure...I have all the tiles modelled and textured. (except the meta-tiles, which arent textured yet)..Hellfire has to create some Normal Maps for my wall textures, get them in game and then I have to make up the 2da's...but believe me when I say we are working on it... Oh and just to tease.. here is some raw images of the metatiles http://earchitect.50megs.com/models/nwn2/Sewers10.jpg http://earchitect.50megs.com/models/nwn2/Sewers11.jpg http://earchitect.50megs.com/models/nwn2/Sewers12.jpg
  7. I've also got some nice big meta-tiles in process for the sewers...soon we will have great underground rivers of waste.....num
  8. Hellfire's site is down right now.. should be back soon
  9. Very cool animation.. cant wait to see it in game
  10. Here is also whats possible...very soon. snow 4 snow 5 snow 6
  11. I'm all for organization. really, still I would like to see the tiles.2da and tileset.2da files be able to be read from within a hak file...you're gonna need that anyway (among other things) before any kind of organization system will be of any use. With CC tilesets not really being supported by the game (by "not really" I mean from within a hakpak and not requiring use of the override) its kinda cramping Hellfire and my (Robinson Workshop) style
  12. Scripting is great...however as a tileset artist...will Tiles.2da and tilesets.2da be able to be read from within a hak in either 1.05 or 1.06? will the Label line be read from a 2da if the StrRef line is left blank in either?
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