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  1. Armakoir! First I just want to say thank you for all the work you have put in on this Mod. It really has done a lot as far as replay ability for me. There was a post in the Steam "Ideas and Suggestions" forum from Lore Keeper about a Warlock and Necromancer class. Just curious if you have had any thoughts on this. Also, I know how much effort goes into a project like this and especially a complete overhaul like 2.0. I hope it doesn't come across as impatient to ask if you have an ETA on this release? I would like to wait at starting a new playthrough until this drops. Thanks Man!
  2. I have a some what different issue with the quest. When I originally spoke with the Queen she told me to go and see why the guild had not responded to her requests for updates. I accept the quest and go to the Guild Hall. Once there I find it is over ran by Naga. I then killed the Naga leader and made my way into the Dragons prison. I freed the dragon and get a quest update: The Queen will want a full report.....Leave the guild hall and make my way to the queen. Once I open dialog with the Queen she says she has received reports of violence and I need to go to the Guild hall and find out whats going on. (Because I have already done that, I tell her sure I will figure out whats going on assuming I will get a dialog option stating I have solved the issue in question.) Now there is no dialog option to give a report or discuss anything involving the dragon. Quest log still shows i need to speak with the queen to move forward. I don't have a save that puts be before this quest.
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