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  1. Was looking to create a (Holy) Fire Spell castin' and bashin' Templar (Kind Wayfarer and Eothas) and was looking for some build advice/recommendations on fire spells and other traits. I bumped myself up to 20 via the console but i'm not sure if the spells/traits I have chosen are the recommended ones. Any advice would be appreciated. Plan on using this in a party build and leavin' the healin' to Xoti and Tekehu later. -------------------- Default 1. Pal - Flames of Devotion and Sworn Enemy // Pri - Restore and Holy Power 2. Pal - Deep Faith 3. Pal - Retribution 4. Pal - Zealous Aura // Pri - Spiritual Weapon Will use Spiritual Flail on MH and Flail OH for early levels. Sun & Moon and/or Sungrazer dual-wielding later? Or Magran's Favor for +Fire Boost.5. Pal - Two Weapon Style 6. Pal - Divine Purpose 7. Pal - Eternal Devotion (Flames of Devotion Upgrade) // Pri - Combat Focus 8. Pal - Glorious Beacon 9. Pal - Sworn Rival (Sworn Enemy) Other one would give burn ticking damage but I thought the refund for Zeal would be better10. Pal - Scion of Flame // Pri - Exalted Focus 11. Pri - Shining Beacon 12. Pri - Divine Mark Not sure whats good. Chose Divine Mark as a dump or possible burn spell to use.13. Pal - Inspired Beacon (Glorious Beacon Upgrade) // Pri - Searing Seal 14. Pri - Rapid Casting 15. Pri - Litany for the Spirits 16. Pal - Virtuous Triumph / Pri - Pillar of Holy Fire 17. Pal - Improved Critical 18. Pri - Spell Resistance Maybe I can resist my own friendly fire?19. Pal - Stoic Steel / Pri - Cleansing Flame Chose Cleansing Flame over Storm of Holy Fire if playing in a party. Otherwise Storm if solo?20. Pal - Penetrating Empower Links for ability reference for anyone who needs to have a look: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Paladin+Abilities https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Priest+Abilities -------------------- I know Magran would be a much better choice for a Fire Paladin but prefer to RP benevolence. Any thoughts or tweaks and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance and constructive criticism :D
  2. There you go... It's a bit rough, but it should look ok ingame. Thank you for doing this ^^
  3. I totally like this. Except maybe if there weren't the facial tattoos. I just like my models to fit my portraits somewhat. Anyone able to maybe shop away the tattoos on this?
  4. Active or passive healer? Active maybe Kind Wayfarer (KW) or Elcga /Eothos Priest? Thats what I actually use. I have adequate healing spells with priests and the Flames of Devotion (FoD) from KW provides dps and heals whereas Elcga provides death immunity for a few seconds (good with high int). Will be tanky enough if you want. Or if you dual-wield as a KW and use FoD, you heal twice as its considered a full attack and thus you cast twice (and heal twice) if you dual wield. Otherwise for passive, theres a tanky heals with Elcga/Troubadour that pulses heals build in the build list. I personally use KW/Eothos as my main for both RP and burn dps and heals. At lower levels I used Xoti as a pure buffer but at higher levels she was just dps.
  5. I attempted a colorization. I also added the "sm" and "si" variants out of force of habit. Regards Much appreciated kind soul :>
  6. Anyone able to help out with these portraits? I tried the GIMP tutorial but apparently i'm not too gifted in trying it out myself. The only thing i managed to do is... crop... I also attached the original image that I pulled it from. Looks like a good fit for my Paladin/Herald leading her party. I like to pretend Eder is the one in the back trying to get into my portrait Much appreciated to any kind soul.
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