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  1. I did say the system is bugged af right now. nowhere did I say it's anyone's fault if something is bugged for any of you. only pointed out that those who think Aloth changed to a judgmental arse in this game didn't get his personality in the first game, nothing more. like above, broken. he's supposed to have contradicting dispositions, but not at the same time. makes perfect sense to me considering Eder is supposed to as well, their dispositions are depended on PoE1 endings. that doesn't make his personality flawed in any way. to me he was still the same as in the first game, albei
  2. I normally just lurk on forums and never really get into discussions, but your guys' talk about Aloth is giving me Kaidan flashbacks. people either loved or hated him. those who loved him actually talked to him, despite thinking his first conversation was boring af. those who hated him decided he's not worth taking the time past that initial conversation and either killed him on Virmire and that was the end of it; or wished they could've killed him along with Ashley, AND THEN, in ME3 they were shocked how much Bioware changed him, when, in fact, he changed little. he was a character that
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