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  1. I did say the system is bugged af right now. nowhere did I say it's anyone's fault if something is bugged for any of you. only pointed out that those who think Aloth changed to a judgmental arse in this game didn't get his personality in the first game, nothing more. like above, broken. he's supposed to have contradicting dispositions, but not at the same time. makes perfect sense to me considering Eder is supposed to as well, their dispositions are depended on PoE1 endings. that doesn't make his personality flawed in any way. to me he was still the same as in the first game, albeit slightly changed - and I mean slightly, not to the point you people seem to think - more open about his opinions and less concerned about what he can say (I mean, you already know he's a liar, why would he worry you'd do anything if you didn't before), regardless of his disposition. altho him disliking/liking contradicting things was confusing at first, I admit... and then it became ridiculously funny imo. gotta wait for a patch for that one. as for Tekehu... I can see why someone like Aloth can not stand someone with Tekehu's personality, even if it's just them breathing the same air. nothing against Shark Man, I'm just saying I get Aloth. whether it is actually a bug tho is hard to say, guess we'll see. not like our wizard wasn't hypocritical before anyway.
  2. I normally just lurk on forums and never really get into discussions, but your guys' talk about Aloth is giving me Kaidan flashbacks. people either loved or hated him. those who loved him actually talked to him, despite thinking his first conversation was boring af. those who hated him decided he's not worth taking the time past that initial conversation and either killed him on Virmire and that was the end of it; or wished they could've killed him along with Ashley, AND THEN, in ME3 they were shocked how much Bioware changed him, when, in fact, he changed little. he was a character that didn't need a change bc he reached that point before meeting Shepard. and it's the same with Aloth now. people who think he's now a boring judgmental stuck-up who disapproves of everything and everyone and their brother apparently didn't understand his personality in PoE1 at all. long story short: he was very reserved in PoE1. one, bc he had quite a few secrets he had to keep from you. Iselmyr (at the beginning), being involved with Leaden Key, knowing more than he let on, so he had to be careful what he says. two, bc he was obviously not used to being around people. even if you didn't judge him he still needed to get used to that first. that takes time and Iselmyr wasn't really helping (nor was Eder really, wanting her around more than Aloth). and two leads to three: 5 years passed only between both games, PLUS all that time you traveled together in the first game. he got used to you. so, he's less reserved = more open about things he doesn't like, and now he actually shows that more often (tho I gotta admit I don't like the simple "XYZ rolls their eyes" interjections, I'd much rather have comments similar to the ones in PoE1; but considering you can have 5 people at the same time all of them commenting on every singe thing every time just to get approval system going would get annoying real fast). and you can add four to the list: game is bugged af. additionally, for those who are concerned about him disapproving of you lying - just bc he lies doesn't mean he condones it. lying himself and hating when other people lie don't contradict each other. also this. very much. I (for once lmao) made a good character (benevolent + honest) and that later worked perfectly in PoE2 with Aloth. people seem to want him to like their characters just bc they didn't kick his lower back for lying 5 years ago. and I like this "approval" system. in ME I could be a complete pos and the kindest people on the ship would still love me just bc I'm Shepard bc there was no approval system. in DAO you could cheat the system with gifts. pointless. here you either play YOUR character and deal with the fact some companions you love don't like you; or you make everyone love you and have a character with no personality.
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