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  1. I'm falling behind on the requests - there are just too many! I'll do my best to get a few of 'em done soon. Here are a few more other characters until then:
  2. Here's two for now: Thanks! The image has been removed - trying linking it again.
  3. Here you go. I like this one a lot - I might use this in my game. Yeah, all four! In your case they'd go in the PillarsofEternityII_Data > gui > portraits> player > female folder Just make sure they have a unique name! e.g female_human_UNIQUENAME_lg.png and so on.
  4. No problem. If you add the four images to the portrait folder, you go the 'character' or 'inventory' screen in-game (can't remember which), and beneath your image there's an option to change the portrait. Make sure the files have the right titles when you add them to the portrait folder too. An example would be: Large color portrait = human_x1_lg.png Small color portrait = human_x1_sm.png Large watercolor portrait = human_x1_convo.png Small watercolor portrait = human_x1_si.png Hope this helps!
  5. Sure. It was tricky to get a true watercolor feel with this image, but it still looks okay:
  6. Very nice, May you tell me how you create them? I'd really like to do the same with mines. I post my portrait some post ago :D May you share some pattern? There's a great step-by-step tutorial here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97149-tutorial-watercolor-portraits-in-the-gimp/ All you need is the free image editor 'Gimp' and to follow the instructions - once you get in a rhythm it's easy to do.
  7. Hello! I created a few watercolor portraits for myself, and I thought I'd register on the forum to share them with others. I'll be able to help with a few requests if needed also.
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