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  1. hi SChin, thanks for getting back to me on this concern. saw your save file request so i just tested if i could access the interactive cutscene again on one of my saves and for some strange reason, the issue got fixed! i entered through the Boiler Room and got in the Manor again finally after i reported the issue here, what i did was do one of my other pending quests (kill Beina) then logged off not sure if all it needed was a device reboot but thanks a bunch for looking into it, hopefully it won't occur again for me or anyone else c: cheers~
  2. i'm already at the "Locate Arkemyr's vault" step. prior to the latest patch, i was able to go inside the manor either via the bathhouse basement or the upper floor of the Dark Cupboard but decided to skip the quest for later. now that i've decided to take on the quest, clicking on the interactive parts of each location that should trigger the CYOA-like scene does nothing so i can't finish the quest. before 2.0 it was working. and no, i don't like to steal the key from Fassina :c
  3. would the saves in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II remain intact even if you uninstall and reinstall the game? i used the offline installers so i'd need to redownload everything if the said patcher wouldn't work at this point :c
  4. sorry i can't find if this was posted way back... i've downloaded the GoG patcher v1.1.0.0035_Release_v1_(21316)_to_Release-64_(21647) and when i run it, i can't manually patch my version of the game (i'm trying to update to from now since i've been busy with work for the last few weeks, i've gotten the other two recent patchers) says "Some errors occurred, see patch_log.txt for details" i have attached the patch_log fie for reference, what should i do? patch_log.txt does applying the Scalawag dlc prior to updating my game to have any effect on the
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