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  1. I'm a 1L, also at a top 4. You may be right about the stigma ... and I certainly agree, as I posted above, that most people probably don't follow politics/law/etc. But I also suggested that RPG fans are not really a representative sample. I see plenty of people playing games, but it's mostly things like Mario. That's a whole different category of "gamer," and not one comparable to what we're talking about.
  2. Points well taken. And let me say that in retrospect, "not insightful" was a poor choice of words to express "I disagree," so I hope you weren't offended. I know I get sick of reading that kind of haughtiness on game forums, and I can only imagine that feeling is magnified for you. Obviously "not now" is not the same as "not ever," but I'm not sure the drama/games analogy holds up. Plays have always been a form of mass entertainment, and even the most crude of, say, Plautus' works were considered "low comedy" but were enjoyed by a "high" audience. My point is to say that because of th
  3. I disagree, I don't find Mr. Sawyer's comments particularly insightful. Firstly, a topic's having been overdone does not necessarily make it less interesting, at least for me. Of course certain ideas like good v. evil and nature v. technology are overdone - they had value for the particular medium of fantasy RPGs in the first place, and are strong motifs of the work of Tolkien, from which much of the DnD/etc. world is gleaned. All that is beside the point. I'm afraid that if you want to be an instrument of social change and decry racism etc., Mr. Sawyer, you've chosen the wrong field.
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