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  1. I had one crash on my initial play through, which I completed yesterday. I have no idea, expect it was just a memory leak because it was after many hours of playing in one session. The only gotcha I've found yet, is it seems over too quick for the full price. Yes, I yearn for a large DLC, and maybe on the play through I start today, I'll try to do all the bounty quests and exploration before worrying much about main plot.
  2. I think now that I'm a level 13 party, I should head back and lay this worm to rest. See how he likes it now that I have powerful attacks (lol)...that is assuming he still spawns for me.
  3. Umm, probably a quest to find a mural for dieso, I believe the name is...a thug boss in the narrows.
  4. I've made my way there and cleared about half the old town map, but I fail to get the grub more than half way every attempt. Does anyone have any better suggestions than come back when bigger ? (chars are level 7 currently) Hee, I kinda miss playing a game that already has a walkthrough, so I could answer this by research. The hazards of new games. Thank you.
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