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  1. I saw this before and ignored it, assuming it was obsolete. -the patch, referenced there no longer exists -tried the loop thing, with 1gb size (to simple test) and mount it. I am sure this would work, if I did not have an NTFS disk alternative as a simpler solution. anyway I decided to keep the game on my NTFS drive, until a normal solution comes along. maybe the problem will go away when I upgrade to 18.04 thank you for your time
  2. you misunderstood me. Ubuntu is installed on ext4, but the game does not run on ext4. I have an additional drive formated to NTFS and if I install this game there it works.
  3. I am running the game on Ubuntu via NTFS drive. The Ubuntu installation itself is nothing unusual, it may have been upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, but I frankly do not remember. I tried running the game multiple ways -> double click in file manager, ./start.sh in terminal, via referenced game in Steam, running the binary file itself, ... nothing worked for ext4 tried multiple ext4 drives, drives are mounted by OS, no custom mounting I ran a strace on it, if it helps -> strace -s 64 ./start.sh https://justpaste.it/3cht1
  4. Hello I installed GOG version to Ext4 drive on my ubuntu 16.04 and game does no start. It fails with exception "There is no data folder". PillarsOfEternityII_Data folder exists and seems named correctly, and file execution rights are given. However, if I install to a NTFS drive game works fine. Other Unity games run fine from my Ext4 drive, including POE1 Would love to have this fixed, since my SSD drive is Ext4 formated.
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