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  1. Hello, I casted an Ectopsychic Echo on Eder with my Cipher Watcher and it was still visible after the fight. Our group changed zone, nothing happens. Echo visual was still there. I quicksaved and loaded the save again, Echo was still there. I restarted the game, Echo visual was still there. I restarted Steam and loaded the game, visual has gone. During that time, Echo did no damage to the others. Just visual.
  2. I have been getting a lot of crashes. Mainly, it happens when I am changing zones, entering/exiting the buildings and boarding/embarking. I would like to share the crash reports with Obsidian. Anyone knows an e-mail adress that we can send the reports? Also, I have fixed the mouse click bug by disabling the Steam overlay, thanks to the forum posts. Thanks for this amazing game!
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