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  1. I posted this a week ago, and I'm just wondering if maybe it wasn't noticed?
  2. Just an update, this seems to have resolved itself for me, which may be because of the aforementioned Nvidia driver patchupdate. I can play the game!
  3. Hi! I decided to make several custom companions, based on the characters of Vox Machina, giving them appropriate items and setting up their attributes and skills through the console (so they have the same Dexterity and Insight and such as their Critical Role counterparts). For the ranger, Vex'ahlia, who has a bear companion, Trinket, I even edited Trinket's attributes in the console (I don't know of that has any bearing on this, pardon the pun, but I thought I'd mention it if it is actually what caused my problem). After making them, I used the console to level up the party to the next level (I was almost there, anyway, and wanted us all to be the same level). Once I was done all that, I saved and quit the game to do something else. I don't know how to reproduce the bug, since I don't know what exactly I did wrong, aside from using the console to artificially level and alter attributes/skills for my companions. Anyway, when I next loaded the save, Trinket (the ranger companion's animal companion) now appears to be missing. Normally there's a little icon for the animal companion over the ranger's picture in the party list, but that's gone, and I don't see the bear anywhere. Furthermore, using the console to search for "Trinket", "Bear", "Animal" yields no results (dialogue box reports "No characters found.") which makes me think the bear is permanently gone. Even if a bug somehow renamed Trinket, I don't think that would matter since I think his code is like CRE_Bear_Animal_Companion(Clone) or something like that (the code for another custom companion's animal companion is CRE_Stag_Animal_Companion(Clone), so I figured Trinket's would be the same but with Bear instead of Stag). To illustrate this, I hired a new custom ranger companion with a stag animal companion. In the picture, you can clearly see stag icon in the portrait on the right (new custom ranger companion), but there's no bear icon in the portrait in the middle (bugged custom ranger companion) like there should be, and obviously the bear doesn't show up in my party at all. I was hoping that maybe going to a new area would bring him back, but it didn't. I've tried reloading the save, and quitting the game then loading the save again, neither worked. He's just... gone. I tried to attach my save file, but I got an error: "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" and it won't attach. The output log and system specs attached just fine, though. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. Yes, it is. Information on the OS if it helps: Edition: Windows 10 Home Version: 1709 OS Build: 16299.371
  5. I am a huge, huge fan of Critical Role, and I'll be honest, I never played the original Pillars of Eternity. However, I decided to get PoEII due to their endorsement. I've played games like Baldur's Gate II and Neverwinter back in the day, but I was always more in the Diablo and Diablo II camp, and currently play Path of Exile fairly regularly, so it has been a long time since I've played a game like this, but I'm looking forward to it! The opportunity to have characters from Vox Machina in my party is great and all, but I'll be honest, I wouldn't have gotten the game just for that. I looked around and read up on PoE and PoEII a bit to see if I'd like it before committing. I got the Obsidian Pack and I'm looking forward to playing the game once I'm able to!
  6. I have so far been unable to play the game at all. Attempting to launch PoEII through Steam, the start menu, or directly through its .exe file in the Steam folder result in an instant crash. I don't even see a loading screen. I double click, and it issues a crash report. I'd include a screenshot, but it is literally just double click = crash report, there's nothing to show. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
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