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  1. As some have already mentioned, there is a hotfix coming on Tuesday; But it is anyone's guess if this mac issue will be resolved by then as well. I say, wait till after Tues, and then if there isn't any good news, it is a fine time for a refund.
  2. Nice to know that the source of problem has been isolated - hopefully. I do know that the Intel Iris chip series specifically, have issues running some games like The Sims 3, while older mac models without this chip encountered no problem. Definitely will be needing a patch from the devs to get this integrated graphics properly supported.
  3. Gonna give it a week and cross my fingers for a fix, or at least some tangible date for us to expect. If nothing till then, I will process my refund and not speak of this title for the rest of the year.
  4. Out of curiousity, I tried it out again as well; Unfortunately, even with the "relaxed" difficulty, it is still the same freeze-at-the-wheel pattern for me. Had to forced quit the game manually after staring for a good 2-3 mins at a black screen. ...I am getting really sick of walking down this dang purple path for the nth time. Someone, please end this misery already. xP
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