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    I'm a Content Creator on Mixer (FarFromIdle), by day I work as a developer. I love a great video game, baseball, business and new technology and also Weightlifting, Spinning and Yoga.
  1. I'm unsure if this is the best place to post this, but as I was working on streaming a review copy I received, something shut down my game and completely froze my machine. I suspect its a setting issue or something that was causing the issue. I have a decent machine so it should be able to run it. Specs: i7-7700K GTX 1060 TI 16GB DDR4 RAM If you have any thoughts or advice on how to proceed, I'd greatly appreciate it. Something else I noticed was upon restart, the machine kept detecting and re-detecting peripherals. For the time being I uninstalled the game while I seek a so
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