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  1. Thanks for the feedback and cheers for the troubleshooting! I tried changing a few graphics options in the game and had no success and then gave it up as probably hopeless.. will uninstall the Windows version and reinstall the Linux version after work in order to try out what fixed it for you : ) (Running it via Steam Play worked rather well too) Edit. That worked! MSAA set to 1 in the graphics options in game made the map disappear again when dismissed. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am an early backer and have been playing as time allows since release on Linux, Solus 4. Never had an issue until this morning when I could not close the map anymore. This effectively prevents me from playing. (Last time I played was perhaps a month ago when everything was working) Steps to reproduce: Start a game or load any save hit 'M' on the keyboard or click the map icon to show the full screen map Hit 'M' again or press the x in the top right corner to close the map Expected result: Map is closed, my party and its surroundings are visible again Actual result: Map becomes a bit darker but doesn't disappear. Impossible to play the game if I can't see what's happening. If I subsequently open the main menu and try to close it it also sticks on the screen. (It doesn't if I don't first open and try to close the map) There is no "output_log.txt" in the steamapps/common/pillars2/pillars2_data folder I've verified the integrity of the local files in Steam, no issues found Sysspecs: RX580, mesa driver (it's default) i7 6700 16GB RAM Linux - Solus No mods to Pillars 2
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