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  1. I took a shot at it.I can't paste images here unfortunately and there is a size limit for attachments, so I attached the 2 watercolors. Splendid job, many thanks.
  2. First, a request - for someone more talented than I to give this a superior watercolour treatment: Second, some images I found that some might have use for themselves:
  3. After trying to follow those instructions I find I have insufficient skill to make use of them, unfortunately.
  4. My obsession with making Ciri into a pale elf continues, apparently. With added 'canvas' texturing. Haven't got the knack of washing out the colour, though, unlike some.
  5. So I had a go for my own use and decided to share. Resize them as required.
  6. Greetings. I am another wanderer seeking portrait assistance. In Pillars I used modified Witcher art to make pale elf portraits for my Watcher... ...but in trying something similar with different art I find myself unable to accomplish much with the Gimp guide with regards to the watercolour portraits. Can someone assist with my alternate and slightly modified potential portraiture? Many thanks.
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