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  1. Actually no, it isn't obvious. A branching tree can still have than more branches, most people would assume they can pick multiple related skills as long they have the preprequesite skill for them.I doN't see why this couldn't be allowed anyway, a character only has a few points to spend on abilities anyway so let the player decide more freely on what they get used on. Well , probably not obvious for some people, ye. Obvious for most
  2. Kinda 2 weeks passed since release and this pretty BIG bug not fixed and no info about fixing it still? It's basically -2 levels for your main multi-classed character if you will retrain him + you loose all training points from teachers but that's another story.
  3. Because you already picked another branch of that skill if it's not obvious. You can pick only 1 evolution way
  4. Yeah, 12 days past, 0 fixes, kinda game breaking bug for Some people because it's -2 skill points. And you also loose your training points from trainers around the world with it. I hope next patch will do some work if 1.0.2 didn't, i honestly didn't see any difference between 1.0 and 1.0.2
  5. After the 1.0.2 patch in 2nd play-through trying to retrain main character 13 lvl Barb/Monk makes him lvl 2 without both Barb and Monk spells taken at the start of the game (rage, etc.).
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