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  1. 4/27/2018 and this bug STILL exists. today my group of monk, barbarian and paladin got stuck after killing the last villain. every time i log back in to continue there is a fallen dice sound and a blue continue arrow on the right which doesnt work. sometimes if i exit open up multiple windows and switch through characters it will show a 1d6 dice roll but no matter what i roll it results as a fail and nothing happens. so sad to have reported 3 old bugs so far that remain unfixed.
  2. 4/26/2018 and this bug still exists. I was awarded a disintegrate spell for the end of a scenario and as i moved it from the inventory to the stash, it vanished completely.
  3. 4/22/2018 and this bug still exists. i just bought the game last week and im loving it almost completely except for bugs like this that screw you up the pipe.
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